Security Systems for Rentals

Maintaining the security of your home is important and necessary whether you own your residence outright or rent so it’s good to be aware of the options you have available to you. We’ll be covering what security systems for rentals are best and aim to help you make an informed decision that maximizes your safety.

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Security options

Keep in mind that security systems for rentals provide home security for renters as well as security for the property owner/manager from potential hazards and can potentially help in following up on any legal proceedings.


Closed-circuit television has historically been shown to be an extremely advantageous component in preventing crime. In their basic form, they monitor and record what happens at a specific location and can be used to provide evidence in legal matters.

An additional layer of security can be added by including video monitoring in your security plan. Video monitoring establishes an operator to monitor your site who can verify intruders on the premises. This helps prevent false results from wasting your, and law enforcement, time.

Alarm systems

An alarm system may incorporate CCTV into its overall package, but its main purpose is to alert and warn others of danger. They can be followed by a control including door and other entry point access control systems, car park entry control systems, intercoms, alarms, video monitoring of common areas, lift access / per-floor access control systems and ongoing monitoring. Learn more about CCTV here.

Camera considerations

CCTV as an element in security systems for rentals provides numerous benefits and acts as the first line of defence in keeping your home safe. In addition to the monitoring and recording functions mentioned above, they also:

  • Provide a feeling of safety– CCTV installation can help your property get rented faster since it demonstrates a commitment to safety.
  • Manage repairs and maintenance– Useful for when no one else is around and you need to monitor who visits your property. Can help ensure that the property is safe and the work meets your expectations.
  • Monitor during vacancies– For those times when your property lacks a tenant, cameras act as a great way to ward off intruders and thieves.
  • Future use– Your cameras may catch tenants breaking their lease or criminals conducting illegal activities, it will provide evidence in future legal matters.

Camera types

You can select from any of the following cameras:

  • Outdoor security cameras – Cutting edge, weatherproof and they work day or night. These cameras are motion-activated and highly reliable.
  • Doorbell Cameras – A good choice, and extremely convenient, for folks on the go. You can greet your guests and delivery folk remotely.


Home Security for Renters

There are many types of alarm system installation available for apartment renters or house renters and choosing which is best for you takes consideration and time. Keep the following points in mind when making your selection:

  • Ease of installation and portability – Security systems for rentals need to be portable, easy to install and should not require drilling into or damaging the property.
  • Monitoring services – You should have the option for 24/7 alarm monitoring which will make you aware of when an alarm has been set off.
  • AdaptabilityWhichever system you choose it should be possible to upgrade or modify it later so that you can change it if/when you move to a different property.
  • Remote alarm arming/disarmingToday’s on the go society requires the ability to do things remotely; your security system is no different and should be capable of remote arming/disarming
  • Support – Whichever product you decide on it should be supported with FAQs, tutorials, and a helpline as well as include a warranty.
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