Security Systems for Apartments

Are our security systems for apartments different from the typical home security that you would usually find in a free-standing house? Continue reading to learn more about home security systems for apartments, why they could be a good idea for you and what desirable features they can offer to give you that extra peace of mind in knowing that your property is well protected.

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An Overview of Home Security Systems for Apartments and Their Features

The main difference between security systems for apartments and other types of home security is that apartment security systems very often cover the entire strata as one whole-of-building security solution instead of on a lot-by-lot basis. They will typically include door and other entry point access control systems, car park entry control systems, intercoms, alarms, video monitoring of common areas, lift access / per-floor access control systems and ongoing monitoring.

Separate from whole-of-building security stand-alone systems for individual apartments do exist though. These kinds of systems make a good choice for apartment residents who are concerned about whether their overall building security is quite up to scratch or if their existing strata security has aged and is not quite up to the latest specifications anymore.

What Are the Best Apartment Security Systems?

The best apartment security systems on the market come in several flavours depending on your situation. Depending on your building rules, you may be able to install a hard-wired system. For residents where hardwiring a system into a lot cannot be accommodated, a wireless set-up could make for a good alternative choice. The advantage of a wireless system is that it will not require any major work on your property. A comprehensive set-up can include cameras and door sensors (and if you happen to be living on the ground / 1st floor, window sensors as well).

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most frequently asked questions we get concerning security systems for apartments are:

1.    How Do I Protect My Apartment from Intruders?

If you are looking for that extra peace of mind, installing a security system is certainly a sensible solution, especially if you happen to live on the ground floor or if there is another easy way to access your apartment windows from the outside. Modern apartment security can include window sensors for additional intrusion detection. Cameras can also be added to your interior security. Many of today’s systems come bundled with apps that allow you to remotely monitor what is going on inside your flat by using a smartphone with an internet connection.

2.    Can You Put a Security System in an Apartment?

If you are a renter, you will most certainly need to check with your landlord, especially if you are considering a hard-wired system. If you own, you still should check your building regulations to make an informed decision based on what is allowable. Once again, in trickier scenarios, a wireless system may be a good choice where hardwiring a security set-up is not possible due to the more invasive nature of hardwiring a system.

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3.    Should I Get a Camera for My Apartment?

There are several scenarios where you could consider including a security camera set up in your apartment for additional peace of mind.

  • If you live on the ground floor or a different floor with a lot of faring foot traffic and are concerned about having many strangers around your property every day, a camera will capture footage of any intruders who enter your lot.
  • If you are often away and want to be able to check on your property remotely, many modern systems offer smartphone apps allowing you to remotely monitor your lot.
  • Even if security is not your primary concern, and you are not often away for long periods of time, if you have indoor pets, installing cameras can give you the option to check up on your furry friends while you are out shopping or at work.

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