Back To Base Monitoring Brisbane

At Electronic Alarms and Installations, we can provide you with a monitoring system to suit your needs. Back to base monitoring systems use a PSTN phone line. Should this phone line fail for any reason, your security system cannot dial out.

We always provide the best in security monitoring

27/7 Monitoring

Monitoring Centers are staffed with security professionals. Real people – not automated programs – send out the alerts.

No need to constantly check the security cams every minute.

Reduce False Alarms

Alarms are verified before anyone is notified. Systems are double checked. Or, if possible, visual confirmation is made before any action.

No more neighbors complaining about sirens being set off by sensor errors.

Fast & Proper Response

Be alerted when an alarm goes off. Recieve a call or a message through your phone. Or have emergency services alerted straight away.

It all depends on what procedure you want us to follow. The choice is up to you.

NBN Ready Security Systems

Only the latest security systems are fully compatible with NBN. Only the highest quality security and coaxial cables are used. To maintain appropriate separation and assist in the elimination of poor cable function due to interference, our cabling is neatly run and concealed in conduit or ducting where required, ensuring optimum results.

Wireless Capable Security

We also provide monitoring that goes through a 4G/3G connection. GPRS systems such as multicom do not rely on a phone line and will communicate with the back to base control room provided mobile phone coverage is available at the site. It can be setup to poll the control room at different intervals and uses dual SIM Optus/Telstra for extra protection and optimum security.

Already Have Your Own Security System?

Can some peace of mind knowing that your alarms are always monitored for you. Send a message or give us a call to know more.