NBN Security Systems

The continuing rollout of the National Broadband Network and subsequent deprecation of legacy technologies replaced by the NBN effectively changed which alarm and security systems are available for installation to consumers. We have prepared a brief overview of the relationship between the NBN and alarm systems, continue reading to learn more about NBN security.

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NBN and Alarm Systems

There are several different technologies involved in the NBN rollout across Australia. In some instances (for example with NBN Wireless and NBN Satellite), the deployment will not affect the copper infrastructure used for the delivery of landline telephony. However, others will further complicate how NBN and alarm systems can be implemented together. Areas, where the NBN is being rolled out in the Fibre-to-the-Premises configuration, will see their copper landlines completely disconnected in approximately 18 months after the local rollout is completed. In Fibre-to-the-Node and Fibre-to-the-Building scenarios, although the new NBN connection will use a part of the existing copper infrastructure, and even though this infrastructure will remain on, it can not be shared between NBN and legacy services. In simple, terms the copper lines will have to be used exclusively for the delivery of the NBN service, making them unavailable for any other application. The FTTB and FTTN areas too will see their legacy copper-based services disconnected approximately 18 months after the local rollout finishes. Most importantly, not all security equipment is compatible with the NBN.

Do I need an NBN Compatible Alarm System?

NBN Co, explains in no uncertain terms that the rollout of the National Broadband Network will involve the installation of new infrastructure technologies and older hardware, and security systems, may not necessarily be compatible with the new infrastructure. NBN Co recommends to individuals and businesses relying on security systems contact their security alarm provider for information on whether their current set-up is NBN compatible, or if they will need a new NBN compatible alarm system or an alternative solution. It is not possible to provide generalised information and advice because of the vast range of security systems and alarms available on the consumer market today. In simple terms, the best course of action is always to reach out to your existing provider, the manufacturer or the official distributor of your current security system, or to contact a security system professional such as Electronic Alarms and Installations, to get the best and most accurate advice possible. The worst-case scenario for anyone relying on a security system for the protection of their premises is if the old infrastructure is switched off and the existing security system is not NBN compatible rendering it unusable. Not only does not making sure that you have an NBN compatible alarm system leave you vulnerable in such a scenario but neglecting to ensure compatibility may also affect your ability to claim insurance if anyone takes advantage of your compromised security. While you may not necessarily need an NBN compatible alarm system, you should at the very least confirm whether your premises are NBN security compatible.

Do You Need to Know More About NBN Alarm Systems, or Are Looking for an NBN Compatible Alarm System?

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