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Security Cameras are not just for theft!

While theft and damage to business property are still an important reason for installing commercial security cameras, there are many other good reasons for having commercial security camera systems at your commercial premises.

In general, security cameras are used for and help with:

  • Workplace Monitoring
  • Improving Employee Productivity
  • Sales Tracking
  • Workplace Health & Safety Claims
  • Insurance Claims
  • Malicious Damage
  • Staff Theft from Tills
  • Monitoring of 3rd Party Contractors
  • General Access Monitoring to Sensitive Areas
  • Training Through Demonstrating Good and Bad Behaviours

With the improved technology of commercial security camera systems, you benefit from their superior video quality, digital recording capability, remote surveillance and much more.

Movement operated and constant surveillance options are available in conjunction with business alarm systems.

We meet your commercial security needs with over 40 years of professional experience and create personalised plans specifically tailored to your business needs.

We review the location, lighting and placement of your commercial security cameras. We check power sources availability, cabling and Wi-Fi access as well as your recording and back up needs, in addition to systems maintenance requirements.

When it comes to the protection of your team and commercial assets, we rely on some of the highest quality commercial security camera systems from well-known and trusted suppliers such as Hikvision, Dahua, Hanwha, Mobotix, Unv, Aivgilon and Axis. With certification in the Milestone (VMS) video management system, we have a commercial security camera solution to cater to your needs and budget. 

We will recommend commercial security camera systems based on your requirements for critical aspects of your commercial security needs such as recording, tracking, analytics, infrared monitoring, and even thermal imaging cameras that can measure if someone walking into the building has a temperature to ensure your security and peace of mind.

What's the difference between Digital IP Cameras and Analog CCTV?

Analog CCTV – Key Points:

  • Requires a DVR to encode and record video.
  • Requires separate cables for video transmission and power supply.
  • Even the top-end models are capable only of low-resolution (this means blurry) recording.
  • The cameras themselves can be very affordable, but the necessary accessories such as cables, DVR and storage systems increase the overall cost.
  • Analog CCTV needs to be monitored regularly; there are no options for remote monitoring.

Digital IP Cameras – Key Points

  • The camera itself encodes the video before sending the digital recording to external storage.
  • Digital IP cameras only need a single cable for both power supply and data transfer. Alternative wireless, battery-powered options are available.
  • Digital surveillance cameras are capable of superior image resolutions when compared to even the best analog CCTVs. This means crisp and sharp recordings.
  • The initial cost of a digital IP camera may be higher when compared with analog CCTV, but there is no necessary extra cost in required additional accessories and equipment.
  • Digital cameras may remain inactive until triggered by motion and/or audio sensors.
  • Can be monitored remotely from PC or mobile phone.
  • Virtual trip wires can be setup on your security system in order to protect sensitive areas digitally.

Not All Surveillance Cameras are the Same

You can’t just slap any security camera system on your property and call it a day. Commercial security cameras vary in features and there are a lot of things to consider. Some cameras are simple, but enough to do the job. Others feature state-of-the-art technology. When choosing commercial security camera systems, you need to know what will meet your needs.

  • How big is the area? Are there any corners or blind spots that can provide cover for intruders?
  • Is the area well lit? Will night vision be a better option than installing floodlights for outdoor surveillance?
  • Wired or wireless? Wireless setups are the rage in security systems, but wired cameras have advantages that suit specific cases. What about a hybrid wired/wireless setup? Speak to us about the options and your needs.
  • Does the supplier provide ongoing support in software patches and updates? How about upgrades and warranties?
  • What is your budget? The latest models have more features, but extras mean additional costs. Consider whether you need every feature available on the market and whether it will be useful for your needs.

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Electronic Alarms and Installations are authorised dealers for Hikvision camera systems. The largest CCTV manufacturer in the world, they offer the best and most advanced commercial security camera systems compatible with PC, Android and Apple devices for offsite monitoring. We also use a range of other high-end systems from manufacturers across the globe. Contact us for commercial security cameras and installations to suit your needs and budget.

Security Cameras are Fully Compatible with Other Security Systems

Security Alarms

Deter potential burglars from your property or get notified of break-ins through your phone. Install business alarm systems at your commercial premises.

Security Monitoring

Deter burglars from your premises or get notified of break-ins through your phone with security monitoring systems for business.

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