Technology is constantly evolving and becoming more sophisticated. The options we have to secure our homes has increased in number and complexity. Video surveillance a security option that has both flexibility and quality, guaranteed.

Digital security camera systems provide superior video quality, digital recording, remote surveillance and more.

Surveillance isn’t just for catching thieves and keeping away burglars. Security cameras are also for:

  • workplace monitoring
  • sales tracking
  • keep track of pets or the elderly

CCTV systems are great whether it be for home or business. Your security setup will never be complete without a security camera.

What's the difference between Digital IP Cameras and Analog CCTV?

Analog CCTV

  • Requires a DVR to encode and record video.
  • Also requires separate cables for video transmission and power supply.
  • Low resolutions, even for the best models.
  • The cameras are very affordable. But accessories (cables, DVR, storage) increases the overall cost.
  • Needs to be monitored regularly. No options for remote monitoring.

Digital IP Camera

  • The camera itself encodes the video before sending it to a memory device for digital recording
  • Uses a single cable for both power and data transfer. Or be wireless and rely on a battery for power.
  • Superior resolutions when compared to even the best analog CCTVs.
  • Can be very expensive at first glance. But can run on its own without any extra hardware.
  • Inactive unless if triggered by motion and/or audio sensors.
  • Can be monitored remotely through PC or mobile phone.

Not All Surveillance Cameras are the Same

You can’t just slap any security camera system on your property and call it a day. There are a lot of things to consider, given that security cams vary when it comes to their features. Some cameras are simple but just enough to do the job. Others feature state-of-the art technology. To get the right system, you need to know what will fit your needs.

  • How big is the area? Are there corners or blind spots that can provide cover for intruders?
  • Is the area well lighted? If outdoors, will night vision be a better option than installing floodlights?
  • Wired or wireless? Wireless setups has been the rage in security systems, but wired cameras also has advantages that suit specific cases. What about a hybrid wired/wireless setup?
  • Does the supplier provide options for software patches and updates? How about upgrades and warranties?
  • How much is your budget? The latest models can be very interesting. But additional features means additional costs. Also not every feature available in the market will be useful for your needs.

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Electronic Alarms and Installations are authorised dealers for Hikvision camera systems. The largest CCTV manufacturer in the world, they offer the best and most advanced security systems. They also compatible with PC, Android or Apple devices for offsite monitoring. Contact us for security camera installations!

Security Cameras are Fully Compatible With Other Security Systems


Security Alarms

Install alarm systems and deter potential burglars from your property. Or get notified of break-ins through your phone.

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Security Monitoring

Install alarm systems and deter potential burglars from your property. Or get notified of break-ins through your phone.

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