Best Home Security System to Protect Your Home

Are you looking for the best home security system to protect your home? Did you know that in the most reference period for the Australian Bureau for Statistics there were 231,000 break-ins recorded across Australian homes and that 73% of these households had something stolen? In Australia, it is estimated that around 20% of homes have been burgled at some point causing property damage, and loss of personal effects, and in some cases, homeowners have even had to confront the perpetrator.

Interestingly, less than half of all break-ins are reported to the police due to homeowners thinking it was too trivial or that there was nothing police could do. Instead, homeowners have been taking their home and personal security into their own hands by installing some of the best home security systems available on the market. In this month’s featured article, the team at EAI takes a look at some of the best home alarm systems and wireless home security systems that you can have installed in your home for your peace of mind.

At Electronic Alarms and Installations, we specialise in the best security for your home that can give you peace of mind knowing that whether you’re relaxing inside with your family or out on a weekend vacation your home is protected by the best home security system available. Get in touch with a dedicated home security specialist today for home security Brisbane wide to suit your needs.

The Best Home Security System You Can Have Installed Today

Home Alarm Systems

Home alarm systems have come a long way from sensors that would call emergency services every time a mouse ran through a room. The best home alarm systems of today come with a host of features that truly set them apart from their predecessors. From door sensors, glass break sensors, digital tripwires, smoke, heat, carbon monoxide and water detection, duress alarms

intruder detection, duress alarms, and more. Your home alarm systems can be tailored specifically to suit the needs of your home environment.

CCTV Camera Systems

While the best home alarm systems can alert you and emergency services when an intruder attempts to break into your home, they can’t see what’s going on inside and outside of your home during and after a break-in. With video surveillance and CCTV camera system setups, you can keep a close eye on your premise at all times. When connected with a backup hard drive they provide valuable evidence in a police investigation in the event that a burglary occurs in your home.

Wireless Home Security Systems

Wireless home security systems take your home security to the next level. Allowing you to combine the benefits of the best home alarm systems and home surveillance cameras all into one compact application on your smartphone or tablet. With a wireless home security system, your sensors and cameras can be linked to your nominated device/s allowing you to view a live feed of your cameras from anywhere in the world and be sent notifications from your alarm systems in real-time should any sensors be tripped. Best of all, with improvements in technology and strong competition from manufacturers, the best wireless home security systems are more affordable than ever.    

Home Security Systems

If you’re looking for the ultimate peace of mind and best security for your home, then a comprehensive home security system may be for you. Home security systems combine alarms, CCTV cameras, wireless technology, and back to base monitoring into one complete solution. When you opt for the best home security system, a team of security experts will carefully analyse your home for likely access points and recommend where to install a variety of sensors and cameras for maximum effectiveness. In the event that a break-in is detected, our back to base monitoring team will send a notification directly to your nominated device, can be dispatched to your home, and/or have emergency services called. When it comes to the security of your home, home security systems offer unparalleled security for your peace of mind.


Certification is one of the most important factors and a key difference between a usually non-certified home alarm security system and a business security alarm system. The Australian Security Association Limited facilitates a Security Technician Certification Program, and at Electronic Alarms and Installations, we are a corporate member of ASIAL. You can expect improved security from certified alarm systems and installers compared to those that are not.

Data Storage

Business security requires a significant amount of data storage capacity. A security system at commercial premises will typically operate 24/7, proving continuous, around the clock monitoring and recording. You don’t know how far back you need to go to identify a perpetrator of a security breach at your company before you are unable to go back any further after you’ve already reviewed all your recordings without finding any suspicious activity. The larger your premises and the more cameras you have recorded at a time, the more data storage will your security system need.


As with any business expense, it is impossible to avoid cost considerations when choosing commercial security for your premises. Business alarm systems are more complex because they have to be comprehensive. The cost of your commercial security solution is determined by several factors from the size of your building to the type and number of monitoring devices being installed. While it is possible to DIY your commercial security system, consider whether you have enough experience in installing sensors and cameras with adequate detection coverage before committing to this solution as a cost-saving measure. You never know how much you need a professionally installed alarm system until you have discovered a blind spot after it has already been exploited by an intruder.

Whether you are looking to install a CCTV camera system, the latest in home alarm systems, or are looking for the very best home security system on the market, get in touch or call our team at Electronic Alarms and Installations today. With over 40 years of experience in the industry helping homeowners with security system installation Brisbane wide, we can tailor a security solution to suit your exacting needs.

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