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Technology is constantly evolving, improving and becoming more sophisticated. With video surveillance, you are guaranteed a security option that has both excellent and flexible.
Whether it be for home or business, your security setup will never be complete without a security camera.

Why Install Security Cameras?

"It won't keep my property from theft"

  • Security cameras are actually known to be a deterrent to burglars. And even if said thieves still to go in, there’s still a chance the footage can lead to their identification, their arrest, and recovery of whatever they stole.

"It's just for the rich, nobody will steal from me"

First of all, that is subject to the burglar’s judgement. Second, theft aren’t the only cases when CCTV can be helpful. Anything from threats to physical assault need evidence to prove. Evidence that can come from security camera footage.

"Everything is already safe and secure, I'd only see my children/employees in the footage"

Monitoring has shown to increase profits for businesses. Footage can help to adjust operation practices and increase productivity. For homes, it helps in supervising children and keeping an eye on their safety. Or making sure they stay grounded in the house.

Not All IP Camera Systems are the Same

You can’t just slap any CCTV system on your property and call it a day. There are a lot of things to consider, given that cameras vary when it comes to their features. Some cameras are simple but just enough to do the job. Others feature state-of-the art technology. To get the right system, you need to know what will fit your needs.
  • How big is the area? Are there corners that can provide the perfect hiding place?
  • Is the area well lighted? If outdoors, will night vision be a better option than installing floodlights?
  • A high-quality video would be ideal, but how high does it has to be? So clear that you can see the creases on a shirt, or just enough to identify faces? Will the quality decrease when played back from recordings? Also how high is the frame rate?
  • Wireless setups has been the rage in security systems, but wired cameras also has advantages that suit specific cases.
  • Is the camera focused only on a specific angle, or does it have to tilt or zoom when needed?
  • Does the supplier provide options for software patches and updates? How about upgrades and warranties?
  • How much is your budget? The latest models may be tempting but additional features means additional pricing as well.
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